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Engagement Summary

Scope and Objectives of the Work Process

Our work will help you identify and define the key financial goals that are important to you, your family and your business. We will then evaluate your present financial arrangements with regard to their capacity to achieve your goals. Through this process, we will address the following planning issues:


  • Analyze present estate distribution plan. Determine the effectiveness of your present plan and recommend changes as needed. Coordinate with your business succession plan.
  • Illustrate alternatives that would reduce or eliminate estate taxes.
  • Discuss asset management assistance needs for your family and illustrate how management flexibility can be made available to your family.
  • Discuss methods to minimize estate taxes in the future through use of estate freeze and reduction techniques.
  • Illustrate the economics of the several options available to pay estate taxes.
  • Illustrate options to equalize asset distribution among children.
  • Establish procedures to reduce administrative costs of estate settlement.
  • Explore planned charitable and non-charitable giving techniques as methods of estate conservation and distribution.
  • Discuss coordination of annual exclusion and unified credit gifting programs.
  • Review existing life insurance contracts. Focus on ownership and beneficiary designation of contracts. Evaluate the cost/benefit relationship of your existing contracts. Determine whether contracts will avoid estate taxation.
  • Evaluate the sources of income for your survivors to assure that adequate income is available.


  • Analyze present succession plan.
  • Determine the effectiveness of your present plan and recommend changes as needed.
  • Coordinate this plan with your estate arrangement.
  • Make a preliminary determination of the reasonableness of existing estimates of the value of your business. (Value to be based upon accountant's value, outside evaluation , your estimate or our software.)
  • Illustrate the economics of the several alternatives available to fund business agreements.
  • Discuss methods to minimize the tax liabilities incurred in business transfer transactions.


  • Analyze your present retirement plans, including company sponsored profit sharing, 401(k) and pension plans or self-employed arrangements and how they meet your projected retirement needs.
  • Determine whether your projected resources will be sufficient to fund the desired level of retirement income.
  • Identify additional retirement planning opportunities where appropriate.
  • Determine whether or not your retirement objectives are attainable in the event of a long term disability


  • Evaluate current investment strategy in relation to your objectives and personal risk tolerance and recommend reallocation of monies as needed.
  • Identify and discuss alternatives to reduce income tax liabilities, as they relate to your investments.
  • Develop a personal cash flow statement to anticipate future cash flow needs and identify the capacity for future wealth accumulation.
  • Assist in developing a comprehensive asset allocation and marketplace diversification strategy that is tailored to your specific objectives.
  • Establish a management policy (through the use of managed funds) for the implementation of your investment strategy.
  • Maintain an ongoing relationship that is based on our ability to add value through timely, efficient service and professional advice. This includes periodic review of portfolio performance with strategic adjustments based upon economic outlook, as well as your ongoing goals.
  • Ensure coordination of your investment plan with the remainder of your financial planning

The Wealth Enhancement Group, Inc. Services

This is a general outline of our process. Since all client planning needs are treated as unique, this process is custom designed in each particular situation to create specific solutions for each client.

Approximate Client
Time Needed
Initial Meeting
30-45 Minutes
Fact Finding (Data Gathering)
 -Objective (Documents)
 -Subjective (Objectives, Goals, Attitudes
2 Hours
Analyze Current Situation
Data Confirmation Meeting
1 Hour
Formal Case Design
 -Other Advisors Meetings
Preliminary Plan Presentation
1-3 Hours
Final Case Design

Final Plan Presentation
2-3 Hours
Implementation- Your Decision
 -Evaluate financial products recommended as to their risks and rewards.
 -Manage the implementation process.
 -Work with other advisors to implement non-financial product recommendations.

Referral Meeting
 -People you think would like to hear about what we do.



  • The fee is charged to develop your comprehensive financial plan. The proposed fee depends upon the complexity of your plan. This fee includes all activities involved in the development of your plan. Additionally, we will provide a year's worth of service to you.


  • If you determine that an investment or insurance product is an appropriate part of implementing your plan, we ask that you consider acquiring products through The Wealth Enhancement Group, Inc. or their affiliates. We have access to major companies in the industry and can assist you in finding quality products to meet your objectives, needs and risk tolerance. There is no additional fee for this service. All product related compensation comes from commissions already built into the products themselves.


  • Finally, and very important to the growth of my practice, I am compensated from what we call your active goodwill. Once our work together is complete, and based solely on your total satisfaction, I will ask you for your help in identifying and referring to me people, like yourself, who might also benefit from my services.



  • Financial Data Analysis
  • Staff Research
  • Design Time
  • Written Programs and Outlines
  • Presentation Meetings
  • Phone Calls
  • Meetings with Your Other Advisors
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Coordination of Services Provided by Other Advisors
  • Financial Condition Model
  • Written Financial Plan Document
  • Implementation Assistance


To avoid misunderstanding, I want you to understand that certain services are not provided by our agreement. These include:

  • Drafting of Legal Documents and Other Legal Services
  • Tax Preparation, Statement Preparation or Other Accounting Services
  • Asset Appraisal Work
  • Installation, Termination, Take Over or Administrative Services for Retirement Plans or Other Qualified and Non-Qualified Plans
  • Direct Asset Management