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What We Do

The Wealth Enhancement Group, Inc. specializes in working with High-Net Worth Individuals. Primarily, our clients include Business Owners, Land Developers and Celebrities. We specialize in Estate Planning, Business Planning, Fringe Benefit / Retirement Planning and Investment Planning.

Estate Planning

Written Plan

As most people are aware, The Estate Tax along with administrative fees can take over 50% of an individual’s Estate at their death before their assets get transferred to their heirs. This is if there is sufficient liquidity to pay the tax. Because the tax is due in cash in nine months, many people are forced to liquidate assets at less than fair market value which can mean much more than 50% of the Estate going to someone other than who they intended.

In the Estate Planning we help you pass your hard-earned assets to your children and grandchildren with the least amount of taxation.

We start with a thorough examination of your current Estate Planning Documents. Then, after analyzing your assets, goals and objectives, we discuss the pros and cons of the different strategies available to dramatically improve your situation. Our final written plan encompasses a detailed look at your current situation along with the results that can be achieved by taking our recommendations. We then work with your CPA and Attorney to ensure the plan gets implemented.

These strategies can include:

  • * Wills and Revocable Living Trusts
  • * Titling changes
  • * Gifting Strategies
  • * Family Limited Partnerships
  • * Generation Skipping Dynasty Trusts
  • * Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts
  • * Intentionally Defective Grantor Trusts
  • * Qualified Personal Residence Trusts
  • * Charitable Remainder Unitrusts
  • * Charitable Family Limited Partnerships
  • * Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts as well as many other Tax Saving and Asset Protection Strategies.

Business Planning

Business Succession

What happens to your business upon your death, disability or retirement? We help to design and implement a plan that helps your business transfer in an orderly fashion the way you would have wanted. This may include Buy/Sell Agreements, Gifting, Selling, Willing, ESOP, etc.

Corporate Structure / Asset Protection

We also help recommend proper corporate structures for entities such as C Corporations, S Corporations, LLC, LLLP, etc. We can also help you sell your business through some strategic alliances.

Executive Benefits to retain key-people

In addition, we can help structure special executive benefits such as Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation, SERPs, Executive Bonus, Rabbi Trusts, Phantom Stock and Stock Appreciation Right plans among others to help you tie key-people to your business.

Retirement Planning

Here we try to anticipate when and how you will want to transfer from living off of “earned income” to living off of “unearned” or “investment income”. We build models to help you determine what it will take to get there. We take into consideration your net after tax cost of living, current and future assets/debts, college for your children, charitable giving, inflation and life expectancy.

We also look at qualified ways to help you save taxes and build wealth through your business with plans such as 401(k), Integrated, Age-Weighted and Cross-Tested Profit Sharing, 412 (i) plans, Defined Benefit plans, etc.

Investment Planning

Most people hear about a stock or mutual fund through one source or another, but do not have a long-term strategic plan.

Based on your Risk Tolerance, Time Horizon, need for Income, Growth and Liquidity, we help to build a well-balanced, well-diversified portfolio that can really lessen the volatility you may have endured in the past. We use over 11 different asset classes and then search the universe of funds to select top money managers in each of their respective asset classes.

On the Mutual Fund side, we have access to thousands of No-Load and Load-Waived funds from hundreds of fund families. If you have a large portfolio and wish for tax efficiency, we will help you choose top money managers through a Separate Account network.

All of our decisions are based on a completely objective and non-biased approach. We then monitor your accounts and continue to keep you informed with constant communication. We will make changes if a manager’s performance starts to slip or if the manager leaves the organization without a strong replacement.


We get compensated three ways for our work.

For a full blown plan including the Estate, Business, Retirement and Investment Planning, we charge a flat fee. Our work is not done until all the recommendations that you want to move forward on are implemented.

The second way is through financial products. We can help you obtain life insurance and investments. We have access to over 75 Insurance companies and thousands of money managers and literally “shop” for you.

The third way we are compensated is through your act of "good-will". If you feel we have done the best work you have ever had done, we ask for referrals to other successful people you know.